The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Since 1931,The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Articles the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been lighting up the holidays each year for New York City residents and visitors. One of the most well known decorated Christmas trees in the United States, this tree has become an iconic symbol of the holiday season in New York City. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is also a major tourist attraction; thousands come to New York each year to see the tree lighting ceremony, or just to view the tree during the several weeks when it is on display.

The first tree displayed in Rockefeller tree removal Caroline springs Center in 1931 was a Balsam Fir measuring about 20 feet tall. It was set up by construction workers who were building Rockefeller Center, and during this depression-era, they were proud to have a tree displayed amidst the mud and construction debris of their work area.

Today the Rockefeller tree is usually a giant Norway Spruce measuring between 75 and 90 feet tall. The tree is unofficially selected each year by the manager of the Rockefeller Center gardens, with the search for the perfect tree beginning months ahead of time. Each year, the Rockefeller Center receives hundreds of photographs from people all over the United States, and even some in Canada, offering their trees for use in Rockefeller Center. The manager then drives around the Northeastern part of the United States, viewing trees and looking for the perfect specimen. In winter months, the tree is scouted out by helicopter until one has been selected.

Norway Spruce trees are not native to North America, in fact they grow naturally in Europe. Here in the U.S., Norway Spruces are generally planted as ornamental trees in front or back yards, and they can grow to enormous proportions, as tall as 80 to 110 feet. The Rockefeller center specifies that the tree they use for their official Christmas tree must measure at least 65 feet tall and 35 feet wide, though the tree that’s usually selected measures larger than these dimensions.

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